Argentina is officially known as the Republica Argentina.  Located in the west with the Andes Mountain and Atlantic Ocean in the east.  Also is border with Paraguay and Bolivia to the north, Brazil and Uruguay in the northeast and Chile to the west and south.

Argentina has a rich culture significantly influenced by European and  the Gaucho.  The architecture is attached to its past rural glory as grain and cattle exporter, with exquisite french, British, Spanish designs.  The food is principally the meat.  The music, whom doesn’t know the Tango? It is a symbol of Argentina.  But not only the music is characteristic of Argentina the fashion too.

In the fashion, we have to talk about the Gaucho.  Although the Gaucho pants are the traditional costumes that I selected for Argentina.  I have to let you know that its has other parts of South America that are used like  Uruguay, Chile and Brazil where was used too.

Gaucho Pants are defined as wide, calf-length trousers with high waist  for men and women. It is a South American version of cowboy.  Very popular in 1960. Depending on the color and the fabric, can be worn most anywhere.  The extremely  loose comfort makes them perfect the pants when can use with a tank, top or  a sweater. And women with any type of body can use gaucho pants.

Definitely a good option to wear this short pants that has a long fashion history.