Republic of Malta is an archipelago situated in the center of the Mediterranean. The geographic localization of Malta is a great economic importance.  The culture of Malta reflects the various cultures throughout the centuries.   The Art , Architecture, Music and Cuisine like fenkata (that is a stewed or fried rabbit) are national identity  shows principally the influences of Spanish, British and Mediterranean.

In the traditional costumes, the ghonnella  sometimes referred as Faldetta were a form of women’s head-dress and shawl, or hooded cloak, unique to the Mediterranean islands of Malta.  Generally made of cotton or silk, and usually black or some other dark colours.  Although during the sixteenth century the noble women wore ghonnielen whites or brightly.

The upper part of ghonnella covered only the head and was starched quite stiffly, and given a broad, rounded frame.  That particular design was very practical during the hot Maltese summer.  The lower part of the ghonnella could be worn loosely draped around the wearer’s bodice and  hips more tightly wrapped in the case of inclement weather.

Although are different theories about the origins of the ghonnella, really the origins of the ghonnella are unknown.

The mysterious and  beautiful traditional costumes of Malta makes me feel like a princess in a fairy tale.