Northern Flicker

Northern flickerThe Northern Flicker is a lovely bird.  It is a kind of woodpecker.   I chose today this bird for drawing because of course it is a beautiful bird but the characteristic that catched me my eyes, it was the gentle of its expression.  I love to be around birds.  I receive the beauty, respect and its huge love. Some things that some humans don’t have.   Thank you God for give me,  the daily the experience of live with these wonderful creature.

Mon Baby Shower


Le week-end dernier a été trés spècial pour moi.  Mes amis ont fait mon baby shower.  J’ai aimé beaucoup le fête.
Merci beaucoup a tout le monde pour les cadeaux.
C’été super!

Last weekend was very special for me.  My friends celebrated my baby shower.  I loved it   Thank You for the gifts

It was amazing!

The beauty of the dark. The Crow


It has a bright black color and a very peculiar call.  Its mysterious  or the sense of fear attract many people.  Although it is a  bird that attract many people I had never noticed how many crows are around my home until one day I accepted a commission to paint a crow.   Since that time I noticed that everyday specially during the afternoon I hear its vocalization through my fireplace.

There are many things that we can find about this emblematic bird.  Through the history it has been a symbol in different cultures.  Most of the time  as death representation.  His presence in the war is a symbol of death. But they  also are known as  carries of information like in the Norse mythology, Odin has a pairs of crows in his shoulders  Huginn and Muninn. In the Hinduism  they believe that  the presence of the crow  in their house give omen to the people.

They also are represented as  protectors. In the Buddhism  and Tibetan disciplines the crows are protectors.   Dharma Mahakal is represented by a raven.  He was reincarnated in the first  Dalai Lama.  The legend tell that, during birth of Dalai Lama  his home was attacked by thieves, forcing their parents to flee. When they returned they saw the Dalai Lama alive and surrounded by crows.

In the literature, the crow has been an immortalize.  Who don’t know, the poem of Edgard Allan Poe? “The Raven“.  Or  ” The Seven Crow” by the Grimm brothers.  Or the comic book series “The Crow” by James O’Barr.

Well, there are many things that I can continue mentions about this mysterious bird. But for me the crow or the raven is a bird that I immortalized through my art.  The title can sound enigmatic or esoteric but isn’t mean nothing occult.  Everything was created for God.  He did all the things unique and with purpose.  I noticed his presence around me. That does not mean it is something mystical. It is simply a noble and humble bird that every day gives me his peculiar greeting .

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Pájaro Carpintero


PAJARO CARPINTEROWoodpecker.  On of the most beautiful birds. Although they are highly antisocial solitary species and aggressive; they are one of the most beautiful birds.

I did my interpretation of this pretty bird with colored pencils and pencils.

Summer Tanager

It’s cold outside.  I only can be inside my home and drawing with my colored pencils.  I did this Summer Tanager. My inspiration is the cold weather because I need to be warm.  So work for me  thinking about the warm weather of the summer.

summer tanager

Les oiseaux d’amour



Le février  14 est proche. Cette fois, je voulais faire une représentation de l’amour. J’ai donc choisi ce couple mignon d’un de mes oiseaux préférés, le geai bleu “Blue Jay”.
C’est un huile sur toile 8″x10″. La technique que j’utilise etait un peu plus différent. Et je l’aime. C’est là où je veux aller dans la peinture. Et lentement, je pense que je fais.


February 14 is near. This time I wanted to make a representation of love. So I chose this cute couple from one of my favorite birds, blue jay.
This is an oil on canvas 8 “x10″. The technique I used was a little different. And I love it. This is where I want to go into the paint. And slowly, I think I am doing it.

The beauty

House Finch

Today I made a little  reflexion about something that I learned from this bird.  This is the House Finch.  It is one of the most beautiful birds that I ever see.  His terrific beauty is  not only outside  but also come from his inside, because he lives in harmony with the human race.

Often the people only appreciate the physical beauty. They are influenced by the images that they see in the media.    The people who do not fit the beauty ideal sometimes are excludes from the society.

But, what is the beauty?  Do we have a rule to measure that? Can we proof scientifically the beauty?

Many  people  define the concept of the beauty based on two combinations that includes: inner beauty and outer beauty. That can be nice definition, but we still thinking about the physical beauty.

For me, the beauty is the luminosity  that we have when we live in equilibrium  and harmony with our environment.

You can’t see this bright in an ordinary mirror because if you have this beauty only the true human being can  see this  shiny bright.

Live and enjoy the real beauty.


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